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We support the development of social impact innovations that solve social issues while nurturing them into future revenues.

To this end, we start by exploring diverse ideas, and then work to scale out the social impact while meeting performance and evaluation criteria in each phase of conception, hypothesis testing, business planning, development, and small startup.



We also provide support for human resource development and corporate culture transformation based on the 5Ps (Purpose, Project, Process, People, and Platform) for organizational innovation.

Organizational structure and self-check items for innovation


  • Do you discuss the future of your company with each other?
  • Are employees proud to talk about the company’s vision in their own words?
  • Do your employees understand and agree with the need for innovation?

Project (What)

  • Are you always capturing new business opportunities?
  • Are you creating challenging businesses from a medium to long-term perspective?
  • Do the members understand the social impact of the businesses?

Process (How)

  • Do you have insight into potential customer needs?
  • Is there any method for defining problem and rapid hypothesis testing?
  • Is the process of new business creation systematized and reproducible?


  • Are people with a strong passion for new business able to fully demonstrate their abilities?
  • Are there sufficient learning opportunities and can you put what you’ve learned into practice?
  • Do your employees have extensive external networks?


  • Is there a system to evaluate challenges and learn from failures?
  • Is there a place to stimulate employees’ creativity?
  • Is there an ecosystem for collaboration with stakeholders?