As a professional innovation and human building firm,
we aim to create something new in the world,
cultivate A+ solutions, and contribute to worldwide prosperity.

About Company

Company Name Firm α Co.,Ltd.
Date of establishment February 12th, 2009
Address 1-28-8-B Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0064 JAPAN
Phone +81-3-5620-0605
President Hironobu Murata

After graduating from Waseda University (Faculty of Science and Technology Management Systems Engineering Department), he joined the German SAP. After working in large industry management consulting, he transferred to a strategic consulting firm, managing a government-sponsored national excercise awareness program as well as working in management strategy formulation and startup creation.
Ever since beginning work here in 2009, he has, through the promotion of innovation and human building, been aiming to create an even better society.

Executive Director, Future Center Alliance Japan
Senior Researcher, Arts Innovation Institute, Tokyo University of the Arts
Foresight Practitioner, Institute for the Future
Adjunct Researcher, Institute for Transnational Human Resource Management, Waseda University
Project Manager, Japan Association of Oversees Studies
Senior Researcher, Global Development Management Consultants Inc.
Instructor, Urasenke School Tea Ceremony